Small Business Insurance Requirements Every Owner Should Know

Those who embark on small business ownership understand the many steps required in order to set up their venture, from developing a product or service to finding clients and marketing their company. However, there are also small business insurance requirements that are critical to the success and protection of the business. If you do not […]

The Benefits of IWA’s Insurance Programs for Restaurants

Operating a restaurant requires a lot of dedication and oversight. Restaurateurs need to give careful consideration to how they insure their businesses. IWA is experienced in serving clients in the restaurant industry, and they offer insurance coverage that incorporates all of a restaurant’s most significant elements of risk. Be Prepared for Multiple Forms of Damages […]

How Hospitality Coverage Protects Your Business

Industry-specific insurance coverage is important for any business, but it’s not all the same. Often, you have the choice between comprehensive plans that seek to cover all your relevant needs in one package and specifically formulated plans that work with your general coverage options to protect you from risks specific to your industry. Deciding which […]

Creating a Safe Work Site Is Vital for Your Company’s Future

Operating a construction business comes with a fair share of serious risks. From worker injuries caused by sudden impacts to unstable or faulty equipment being in constant use, you never know what kind of disaster can come along. Protecting your workers takes many forms. For one, you absolutely need to think about your insurance package […]

Providing Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

Caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease involves many complex challenges. It requires a high degree of attention, patience, and empathy. Here are some things that providers should consider when they administer care. Facilitate Easier Communication As Alzheimer’s patients’ cognitive abilities decline, it may be increasingly difficult for them to communicate effectively. There are several important […]

COVID-19’s Impact on the Cannabis Industry

As the coronavirus continues its relentless march across the country, businesses of all sizes are experiencing the detrimental effects from an erratic and slow economy. The cannabis industry is not immune to some of the same impacts other companies have suffered, though there are some positive outcomes as well. Concerns in the Cannabis Industry In […]

Who Pays the Price for Company Auto Accidents?

Many businesses don’t have a fleet of company vehicles that are used during normal business operations, such as driving to the bank or picking up supplies from a vendor. Instead, they allow employees to use their personal vehicles for these needs and hope that an accident doesn’t occur. For staffing agencies, there is a new […]

What Is a Yacht Club?

A yacht club is a group for individuals who join together to promote the sport of yachting and participate in activities together. It differs from a sailing club in that sailing clubs usually pertain to sailboats, while yacht clubs are exclusive to yachts. There are over 450 yacht clubs in the United States. Club Characteristics […]

Risks of Contractors Driving Company Vehicles

When your business necessitates non-employees to drive company vehicles then there are certain aspects you should understand from an insurance perspective. These subcontractors can drive your vehicles, but to your insurance carrier they will be viewed as an employee. If they are in an accident then this opens up your business to liability even though […]

Evaluating Your Company’s Policies About Employees’ Appearance and Conduct

Employers need to act cautiously when establishing and enforcing policies that bear on employees’ conduct outside of the workplace. In addition, employers must be particularly conscientious about how policies affecting their conduct or appearance within the workplace may raise concerns related to discrimination. Here are a few key considerations regarding company policies and employer limitations. […]