Small Business Insurance Requirements Every Owner Should Know

Those who embark on small business ownership understand the many steps required in order to set up their venture, from developing a product or service to finding clients and marketing their company. However, there are also small business insurance requirements that are critical to the success and protection of the business. If you do not […]

What Is a Yacht Club?

A yacht club is a group for individuals who join together to promote the sport of yachting and participate in activities together. It differs from a sailing club in that sailing clubs usually pertain to sailboats, while yacht clubs are exclusive to yachts. There are over 450 yacht clubs in the United States. Club Characteristics […]

Why Cannabis Insurance Is Necessary for Your Business

If you have a business that deals with the selling or growing of cannabis, then you know it is important to have marijuana insurance. Here are a few reasons why having this coverage can help. Offering You Comprehensive Coverage Running a marijuana business comes with a variety of roles to consider, such as handling sales […]

Fun Ways to Entertain Clients This Summer

Businesses constantly seek ways to entertain clients. When they have insurance protection such as a watercraft liability endorsement, the options for entertaining are wide open. Watercraft With summertime around the corner, hitting the water is a great way to treat clients. The insurance firm Arroyo states that a watercraft liability endorsement is easy to add […]

Conducting Background Checks for Your Nonprofit Organization

Criminal history, driving records, and unpaid civil judgments may make a significant impact on your nonprofit’s ability to bring someone on board in a volunteer or employment capacity. Your organization needs to thoroughly check an individual’s background to help you make an informed decision and follow effective safe hiring practices. Create Comprehensive Policies Your nonprofit […]

How Commercial Marine Businesses Should Approach Insurance

Finding comprehensive insurance that covers your marine business is crucial for your success. Of course, there are plenty of questions you’re likely to encounter along the way. To take out the best policy for your company, you first need to review the risks your business faces and determine which marine insurance wholesaler offers the most […]