How Commercial Marine Businesses Should Approach Insurance

Finding comprehensive insurance that covers your marine business is crucial for your success. Of course, there are plenty of questions you’re likely to encounter along the way. To take out the best policy for your company, you first need to review the risks your business faces and determine which marine insurance wholesaler offers the most […]

3 Common Questions About ATV and Snowmobile Insurance

Shopping for ATV and Snowmobile coverage may not be as exciting as driving these vehicles through rough terrain. However, it is a crucial precaution that ensures drivers stay safe and cover the necessary fees after an incident. People new to this insurance tend to ask these questions before making their purchase. 1. Is It Mandatory? […]

Extending Financial Coverage for Maritime Employees

The Jones Act is a form of compensation protections for maritime employees that are injured while on the job. Because stateside employees are able to have their medical needs addressed through workers’ compensation plans, there are restrictions against filing legal claims against their employer in the event of an accident. However, the information found at […]

What to Know As a Freelancer

Working a creative freelancing job is the dream of so many people, but it’s not always as luxurious as you might think. There’s a lot to remember when you own a freelancing company, especially when you’re starting it from scratch. Insurance is Important Since you’ve got no supervisor offering you medical and dental benefits, you […]

Employee Benefits That Extend Beyond Healthcare

Adding a life insurance enrollment option to your company’s employee benefits package can boost the interest of qualified applicants toward job openings, but it also provides a form of financial coverage that is normally unattainable to the average individual. When you choose to secure a group life insurance plan and offer it to your employees, […]

Importance of Property Insurance

There are many different insurance policies that can provide coverage to your property and possessions, but it can be hard to know the limits and exclusions of the various options. There are some insurance plans that strictly address property damage, while others address third-party involvement in the event of an accident and injury. Some policies […]

Distribution Center Food Spoilage Reduction Tips Following a Power Outage

Bringing food to the marketplace often requires using a distribution center. One of the key risks in the distribution business is food spoilage. While you cannot prevent all spoilage from occurring, you can minimize the incidents that happen. Generators A strong thunderstorm or other natural disasters can kill the power preventing the food from staying […]

Coverage for Towing and Driving Professionals

Towing professionals are used to finding ways out of sticky situations. Whether you’re hauling a car out of the mud or removing a vehicle that’s blocking an entry, you’re good at resolving problems. Sometimes new problems crop up in your line of work, though, that results in unnecessary liability for everybody involved. Has a customer […]