What Is a Yacht Club?

A yacht club is a group for individuals who join together to promote the sport of yachting and participate in activities together. It differs from a sailing club in that sailing clubs usually pertain to sailboats, while yacht clubs are exclusive to yachts. There are over 450 yacht clubs in the United States. Club Characteristics […]

Risks of Contractors Driving Company Vehicles

When your business necessitates non-employees to drive company vehicles then there are certain aspects you should understand from an insurance perspective. These subcontractors can drive your vehicles, but to your insurance carrier they will be viewed as an employee. If they are in an accident then this opens up your business to liability even though […]

Evaluating Your Company’s Policies About Employees’ Appearance and Conduct

Employers need to act cautiously when establishing and enforcing policies that bear on employees’ conduct outside of the workplace. In addition, employers must be particularly conscientious about how policies affecting their conduct or appearance within the workplace may raise concerns related to discrimination. Here are a few key considerations regarding company policies and employer limitations. […]

Hospice Care Risks in the Time of COVID-19

A pandemic like the one currently sweeping the world reveals vulnerabilities in the health care profession. The novel coronavirus that leads to COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the industries entrusted with the care of those falling ill. Hospitals in the most populated regions are over-burdened and lives are being lost, including those of the people […]