Conducting Background Checks for Your Nonprofit Organization

Criminal history, driving records, and unpaid civil judgments may make a significant impact on your nonprofit’s ability to bring someone on board in a volunteer or employment capacity. Your organization needs to thoroughly check an individual’s background to help you make an informed decision and follow effective safe hiring practices. Create Comprehensive Policies Your nonprofit […]

Extending Financial Coverage for Maritime Employees

The Jones Act is a form of compensation protections for maritime employees that are injured while on the job. Because stateside employees are able to have their medical needs addressed through workers’ compensation plans, there are restrictions against filing legal claims against their employer in the event of an accident. However, the information found at […]

The Liability Associations with Agency Concerns

The real estate industry is a complex mix of many moving parts and people, but at the end of the day, a potential buyer or seller meets with an agent to help close a real estate deal. The broker, who may be working on their own or under the umbrella of an agency, should be […]