Criminal history, driving records, and unpaid civil judgments may make a significant impact on your nonprofit’s ability to bring someone on board in a volunteer or employment capacity. Your organization needs to thoroughly check an individual’s background to help you make an informed decision and follow effective safe hiring practices.

Create Comprehensive Policies

Your nonprofit organization needs to adopt procedures to ensure that the right steps are followed every time that somebody new becomes a part of your team. Many state laws limit an employer’s ability to make determinations about job eligibility based on an individual’s prior conviction record or credit history. Source: You should get a professional opinion as to whether your nonprofit background check policies are in compliance with state law and whether they are well-fitted to your organization’s operational needs and volunteer recruitment practices.

Apply Policies Consistently

It’s important to apply your nonprofit’s background check policies consistently when you’re bringing on all volunteers, staff and even board members. Treating everyone the same will ensure that mistakes or oversights aren’t made, and it will reduce the risk of any possible claims of discrimination.

Background checks are a vital part of a nonprofit organization’s safe operations and hiring practices. Prioritize evaluating and improving your policies as soon as possible to stay up to date with current best practices.

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