Towing professionals are used to finding ways out of sticky situations. Whether you’re hauling a car out of the mud or removing a vehicle that’s blocking an entry, you’re good at resolving problems. Sometimes new problems crop up in your line of work, though, that results in unnecessary liability for everybody involved. Has a customer ever claimed that you damaged their car, or has an injury occurred at the site of a job? Investing in a policy that meets towing company insurance requirements can protect you against the liability of such events.

Coverage for More Than Just Tow Trucks

The aforementioned liabilities can affect more than just towing companies. The following service providers should consider investing in coverage, too:

  • Car carriers and semi-trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Pumps and tankers
  • Flatbeds

Each of these types of vehicles can be covered by custom policies ensuring unique liabilities.

Coverage for Professional Haulers and Drivers

If your job entails any kind of driving or hauling, you need insurance. You can see all of the policies available and discover the right coverage for you at Towers and other pros are especially liable to expensive incidents, but with the right policy on your side, you can work confidently without worrying about the risk of the potential loss.

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