Bringing food to the marketplace often requires using a distribution center. One of the key risks in the distribution business is food spoilage. While you cannot prevent all spoilage from occurring, you can minimize the incidents that happen.


A strong thunderstorm or other natural disasters can kill the power preventing the food from staying properly cooled. As referenced on, backup generators can help keep climate control equipment such as refrigerators and freezers running should the power go out. Make sure you have enough power to run the various equipment especially over the weekend or overnight when no one is at the center.


Incorporate an alarm system that alerts key personnel when the power fails. This allows those on the risk management team to immediately respond and prevent food spoilage. Whether that means cranking up the generator or determining how long the power is out, have a plan in place starting the moment the alarm sounds.


Communication is key to any plan. Make sure everyone in the team knows their role should the power fail. Should food spoil, make sure the supply chain is aware of the situation. Plan for a worst-case scenario to keep business relationships strong.

The risks in distribution business don’t stop simply because a new season rushes in. Food spoilage can still happen in the dead of winter. These tips can help save your business money and time.

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