Employers need to act cautiously when establishing and enforcing policies that bear on employees’ conduct outside of the workplace. In addition, employers must be particularly conscientious about how policies affecting their conduct or appearance within the workplace may raise concerns related to discrimination. Here are a few key considerations regarding company policies and employer limitations.

Guidelines About Employees’ Appearance

While you can have policies about personnel’s appearance, you need to be mindful of respecting religious or cultural expression. If a policy appears to target or marginalize members of a constitutionally protected class such as a specific nationality or religion, it could be interpreted as discriminatory.

Policies Concerning Romantic Relationships

According to experts at SB One Insurance Agency, prohibiting workplace dating or relationships is not legal. However, you can review the topic in training materials and explain to employees that they should not allow their personal relationships to affect their work and caution them about creating potential conflicts of interest or uncomfortable working environments.

One of the best ways for a company to avoid practices that could infringe on employees’ liberties is to seek expert counsel regarding company policies, handbooks, and training materials. Additionally, employers should make certain that their insurance adequately addresses claims related to all forms of employer liability.

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