Allied healthcare refers to the many organizations that provide medical care and support to patients and other businesses. From laboratories to home healthcare to residential facilities and more, the professionals that make up this field represent a wide range of specialized skills, experience and education, including nurses, lab techs, social workers, therapists, consultants among others. The services provided by allied healthcare organizations expose all involved to various occupational risks. It’s important for these businesses and institutions to have allied health insurance products to address these risks. 

Understanding Allied Health Professional Liability Coverages

While general liability may cover incidents involving third parties on the premises of your company, you need professional liability coverage to address your work. Some provisions you might expect with allied health professional liability include the following:

  • Limits of over $1M per individual occurrence and more for aggregate coverage
  • Low premiums for specific types of businesses
  • Minimum premiums for general professional liability
  • Minimum deductibles
  • Low limits for sexual abuse claims

Getting the Right Protection

As an allied health-related business, you provide essential services to various segments of the community. Doing good work in support of medical care doesn’t come without risks. It’s up to you to protect your organization from a financially devastating lawsuit by making sure you have allied health insurance to cover your operations.

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