Businesses constantly seek ways to entertain clients. When they have insurance protection such as a watercraft liability endorsement, the options for entertaining are wide open.


With summertime around the corner, hitting the water is a great way to treat clients. The insurance firm Arroyo states that a watercraft liability endorsement is easy to add to your general liability policy. This helps protect your exposures when the business owns a watercraft to entertain clients.


Take clients out to the next music or sports event in town. These types of events can run expensive depending on the venue, but there are many available options for those businesses on a budget.


Go casual or go black tie, but pair the appetizers and dining options to the event. A party is a great way to get people mingling and having fun. If you offer alcohol, consider offering a free ride home for both employees and clients.


Get the blood pumping with some time spent outdoors. Have a tournament playing golf, volleyball, basketball or football. Not into sports? Consider hiking the trails, biking downtown or visiting a nature area.

Clients are the lifeblood of any business. Treating your clients to a fun time while protecting your business with a watercraft liability endorsement can help you seal the deal.

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