Volunteers who run errands, take patients to appointments and many other driving scenarios, are at risk of potential liability. Protecting your volunteers against unwanted claims should be a top priority for your nonprofit organization.

Liability Coverage for Volunteer Drivers 

Volunteer driver liability insurance helps to protect your drivers and their passengers in the event of an accident. The driver’s personal car insurance policy may not cover them in every situation. For example, most personal auto insurance policies have a limit on liability for property damages and bodily injuries. However, purchasing an auto liability plan specifically geared toward your volunteer drivers will give them and you the protection necessary.

To reduce your risks, there are several proactive precautions you should consider when developing the role of your volunteer drivers, including:

  • Before hiring a volunteer driver, review their Motor Vehicle Record. Make sure to follow up annually to see if there are any changes to their record.
  • Create and document a set of guidelines that your drivers must follow. Include instructions on physical limitations of potential clients so that the driver is aware of any special equipment needed to transport them.
  • Designate a supervisor to monitor your volunteer drivers. This should include assigning duties to qualified candidates and, when necessary, terminating them if unacceptable issues arise.

Protect your drivers and your nonprofit organization from unwanted liability with proper insurance coverage.

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