Cemeteries and crematoriums face unique liability and damage concerns, so they have to be very conscientious and selective about how they insure their operations. It’s a tremendous advantage for them to work with an insurance agency offering a program that’s customized to meet their needs. Regan Agency’s Memorial Pro insurance for cemeteries addresses all of the most important coverage areas related to operating a cemetery, and it includes vital coverage inclusions and values which are superior to those offered by other programs.

Outstanding Support

Regan Agency has over 35 years of experience serving clients who operate cemeteries and crematoriums. MemorialPro cemetary coverage is underwritten by a highly rated carrier. The agents serving program participants have specialized knowledge about their clients’ unique risk exposure.

Unparalleled Coverage

The coverage limits in a MemorialPro policy exceed the limits contained in a standard policy. Both the general aggregate limit and the products and completed operations aggregate limit are both $3,000,000 as opposed to $2,000,000. The program can also address liability unique to cemeteries and crematoriums, including a claim for special damages based on mental anguish. In addition, coverage can address certain types of physical damage that are typically excluded from a standard policy such as fallen tree removal.

For more information about Memorial Pro, reach out to a knowledgeable agent for assistance.

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