What Construction Risks Do You Need Coverage For?

Working in the construction industry involves a lot of different risks. There are risks to property, risks to the project and risks to contractors and others on site. Protection in the construction industry often involves some form of owner builder liability insurance. Property Risks There are risks to materials, equipment and other materials that are […]

The Most Common Risks of Property Ownership

Business ownership is a great way to take control of your financial future, but there are many risks that accompany such a venture. While there are a number of insurance plans that can address these exposures, you need to know what your liabilities are if you are going to purchase enough coverage. Leading Liabilities There […]

Providing Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

Caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease involves many complex challenges. It requires a high degree of attention, patience, and empathy. Here are some things that providers should consider when they administer care. Facilitate Easier Communication As Alzheimer’s patients’ cognitive abilities decline, it may be increasingly difficult for them to communicate effectively. There are several important […]