Understanding Public Official’s Insurance Coverage

As a public official, you could face a variety of lawsuits. While no one likes to think about the potential for lawsuits, they are common. Without public officials liability, all awards granted in a lawsuit and all legal fees have to come out of your pocket. What Exposures Do Public Officials Have? Public officials refer […]

Regan Agency’s Memorial Pro Program for Cemeteries

Cemeteries and crematoriums face unique liability and damage concerns, so they have to be very conscientious and selective about how they insure their operations. It’s a tremendous advantage for them to work with an insurance agency offering a program that’s customized to meet their needs. Regan Agency’s Memorial Pro insurance for cemeteries addresses all of […]

The Benefits of IWA’s Insurance Programs for Restaurants

Operating a restaurant requires a lot of dedication and oversight. Restaurateurs need to give careful consideration to how they insure their businesses. IWA is experienced in serving clients in the restaurant industry, and they offer insurance coverage that incorporates all of a restaurant’s most significant elements of risk. Be Prepared for Multiple Forms of Damages […]