Operating a restaurant requires a lot of dedication and oversight. Restaurateurs need to give careful consideration to how they insure their businesses. IWA is experienced in serving clients in the restaurant industry, and they offer insurance coverage that incorporates all of a restaurant’s most significant elements of risk.

Be Prepared for Multiple Forms of Damages

IWA insurance programs for restaurants can help a business handle an unexpected loss.

  •         Damage to real or personal property
  •         Loss of income due to a supplier missing a delivery
  •         Business interruption from a weather event or utility outage

Resolve Liability Concerns

A restaurant could be subject to a variety of different legal claims. Insurance can help cover legal costs and pay for a damage award or settlement agreement.

  •         Employees injured on the job
  •         Accidents on the premises, including slip and falls
  •         Food poisoning

The Benefits of the Restaurant Advantage Program

IWA’s unique Restaurant Advantage program offers several key features.

  •         Specialty coverage applications that aren’t included in most policies
  •         Responsive claims management
  •         Assistance with loss prevention
  •         Competitive pricing

You can supplement your package with additional coverage lines to assure comprehensive protection for your business’ needs.

  •         Employee benefits liability
  •         Liquor liability
  •         Employee dishonesty

Work with a carrier that has extensive expertise in serving restaurants. A knowledgeable representative can help you customize an affordable package.

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