After making the beneficial decision to get professional liability insurance coverage, you might assume that you have wide coverage on a range of potential issues. However, it’s best to look into the details and understand what your insurance does and does not cover, in order to prepare for the future and assess whether you’ll need further policies.

Typical Claims Covered Include Many Negligence-Related Cases

Most professional liability, or E & O, policies cover negligence-related claims and other similar lawsuits that allege some type of loss due to the mistakes or oversights of a employee. Typical cases that might fall under your policy could potentially include:

Not All Oversights or Claims Are Covered Under Professional Liability

While professional liability insurance does provide a lot of protection, it does not cover every type of oversight or claim that could be brought against your business. For example, if the claim involves some sort of bodily harm, you might need coverage through a separate general liability policy. Additionally, workplace disputes, on-site injuries, false or fraudulent advertising and intentional harm are typically not covered.

While your new professional liability insurance coverage policy likely offers broad coverage, it’s best to understand its limits and reaches rather than assuming those limits. With this extra information, you can understand your new insurance better.

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