A yacht club is a group for individuals who join together to promote the sport of yachting and participate in activities together. It differs from a sailing club in that sailing clubs usually pertain to sailboats, while yacht clubs are exclusive to yachts. There are over 450 yacht clubs in the United States.

Club Characteristics

Each club is usually associated with a specific harbor near an ocean, river, or lake. It is identified by its initials and by a unique flag called a burgee. Different clubs may have different priorities, such as racing or providing youth education. Not all clubs require members to own their own yachts, but all have mandatory membership dues.

 Reasons to Join

Some members own a yacht and others are on the crew of a racing boat. In either case, participating in a club with people who share similar interests is fun. The following are some other perks of joining a yacht club:

  • Social networking
  • Going on cruises
  • Storing your boat and equipment
  • Flying a club flag when racing
  • Participating in regattas

Insurance Concerns

A yacht is not a small investment, and any activity where you use it requires a good insurance policy. Coverage specific to participating in clubs includes facility and grounds coverage, regatta liability, training, and property damage.

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