Many businesses don’t have a fleet of company vehicles that are used during normal business operations, such as driving to the bank or picking up supplies from a vendor. Instead, they allow employees to use their personal vehicles for these needs and hope that an accident doesn’t occur. For staffing agencies, there is a new twist in the liabilities. The employees may be driving the vehicles of the business where they are contracted out or they may be driving their own for different services. These risks create the need for specialized staffing industry non owned auto policies.

Where the Responsibility Lies

Even though your employee may be driving a vehicle for your client, your staffing company will more than likely be held liable for any loss or damages from an incident. Though there may be some variation in the laws of your state, you don’t want to take the chance of not having the right coverage.  A non owned policy addresses the risk where your company (and subsequently the employee) does not own the vehicle.

Reduce the Risk

It is important that any of the employees in your firm have a valid license and adequate insurance on their personal vehicles. However, you should also conduct thorough training with your employees on the use of client vehicles in order to reduce the risk of accidents or claims of automotive negligence.

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